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$225 - Daily Rate 
$135 - Half-day Rate  (3.5 hours or less)
$280 - Long Term Daily Rate (20+ days) 

As a substitute, your schedule is up to you! Work any day of the week at the location of your choice! Make this a launching pad to a new career! Work with children and make a difference!
  • Must have a Bachelor's degree or higher (Official Transcripts required)
  • Basic skills requirement. See Commission leaflet CL-667, entitled Basic Skills Requirement for additional information.
  • Fingerprinting Required for the California Teaching Commission
  • Completed Edjoin application
The Lafayette School District is a great place for Substitute Teachers who love working with children and care about their education.  We are a small district which gives us the opportunity to work as a team and provide you with a variety of assignments that will help you build your educational career or, if you are a retiree, transition out of full-time work while still sharing your knowledge and skills with students.  We welcome new substitute teachers at any time during the year. 
Lisa Spiegler
Director of Human Resources & Communications
(925) 927-3521
Brandy Hennefer
Human Resources Manager
Payroll & Benefits Specialist
(925) 927-3507