Recognitions During the Month of February

February 7, 2024

Dear Lafayette School District Parents, Caregivers, and Staff,

As we enter the month of February, I hope you’ll join me in acknowledging two important annual markers in our shared calendar: Black History Month  and Lunar New Year. 

In our Lafayette schools, we recognize that diversity is one of our greatest strengths. We are dedicated to creating an educational environment where every student, regardless of their background, feels valued, respected, and empowered to succeed. By embracing and celebrating our differences, we cultivate a learning community that is inclusive, equitable, and enriched by diverse perspectives. By learning from one other, with respect and openness, we all become more aware.

Black History Month

The significance of Black History Month remains an opportunity to deepen our students’ learning about Black and African American members of our society and to become engaged with many inspiring people, past and present.  Black History Month sends a message, we hope, to all our Black and African American families that your child and your experience are integral to our District. And through this teaching, we reaffirm our District's steadfast commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion among all members of our community.

I hope you’ll look out for news about the many interesting and inclusive ways that our schools are exploring the lives and contributions of African Americans, as well as learning about the challenges that continue to impact the Black community in our country.

Here are some resources about Black History Month that I welcome you to explore with your family.

Lunar New Year

This Saturday, February 10th is also Lunar New Year, celebrated in many countries including ours, and by many Lafayette families. This is a time for family gatherings, food, remembering ancestors, and celebrating the renewing effects of Spring. This occasion also stands as a chance to say to our Asian community that you matter, you are seen, and you are safe in Lafayette.

In addition to the variations of Lunar New Year that take place in many Asian cultures, there are a wide and diverse range of observances based on the lunisolar calendar, including commemorations in the religious texts of Judaism and Islam. As with so many cultural celebrations, we again find the deep-running roots of our many similarities.

Thank you for your support as we walk together on this journey towards an inclusive and equitable community for everyone. Like the Stanley sign on St. Mary’s Road says, everyone belongs.


Brent Stephens