Information Regarding Air Quality

September 20, 2023

Dear Lafayette Families,

Yesterday, we saw local air quality levels decline during the day, as smoke from fires in far Northern California and Oregon reached the Bay Area. This morning, we woke up to mostly Orange and Red Air Quality Index readings in Lafayette. 

This is a good chance to remind everyone about Lafayette School District’s Air Quality Index Matrix for schools, which is derived from guidance from the state. The matrix describes how we use to monitor air quality, and what guidance we share with teachers and staff about outdoor activity for students in a variety of air  quality conditions.

Generally, the District will communicate updates about air quality to families only when air quality levels are at the Purple AQI level, or under special circumstances. At this level, outdoor activities on campuses are canceled altogether. 

Among other things, our guide describes what the District does in relation to these topics:

  • How to address the needs of students with special sensitivities or health conditions
  • Outdoor lunch and recess 
  • Physical Education
  • Keeping doors and windows closed
  • The use of HVAC filters and portable HEPA filters

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our District Air Quality Index Matrix, or reach out to your school for questions related to your child. 

Because it is possible that we might confront conditions that involve both air quality and heat issues, here is a letter about extreme heat that I shared a few weeks ago. 

We appreciate your time, and your partnership as we continue to monitor weather conditions through this final leg of the heat and fire season.

Brent Stephens