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Teachers of the Year for 2021-2022

Scott Moe, Lafayette 

Scott Moe

Teaching is about building relationships, noticing and wondering, being reflective. Sometimes teaching is about whispering just the right words at just the right time…the elusive teachable moment.  Connecting any student with the perfect book is an art that few have mastered, but our 2021 Teacher of the Year has an innate ability to match students to books while infusing a love of learning into each and every child that he comes in contact with...and that means so many more students than those who walk through the doors of room 25. A career in the district since 1992, he does it all with humor, humility, and honesty. It is a pleasure to work alongside Scott who continues to support teachers, parents and most importantly students.

Joannie Wedell, Happy Valley

Joannie Wedell

Joannie Wedell is a huge cheerleader for her colleagues, students, and their families. As an educator to our students just beginning their time in the District, she goes the extra mile to make her students and parents feel welcome, comfortable, special and included. Her warm smile lights up the room (and this past year, the Zoom screen) and she can often be found engaging students through stories with her expressive reading, colorful props, and detailed projects. One of her colleagues said it best when nominating her: Joannie has served the HV community for over 40 years with tireless dedication to teaching so many kids in a caring, loving, and developmentally appropriate manner. She meets them cognitively, physically, and emotionally with an intuitive sensitivity and huge background knowledge for understanding young students. Joannie is kind-hearted and so giving to our staff and community (Sunshine Committee for years!), a sweet spirit who is well beyond deserving recognition for her contributions to our Happy School community!

Casey Bowles, Springhill

Casey Bowles

Casey Bowles is a dedicated, hardworking, and outstanding educator. She has made an impact in both the classroom and throughout the district with her work on various committees. When talking about students she can pinpoint their areas of growth and areas where she will keep working with them. She does this by regularly monitoring student progress and giving feedback to students and families. Her knowledge of best practices drives her teaching and she is willing to adapt to her students’ needs. Casey is creative in her teaching, providing interactive and meaningful experiences for students, as seen in her Thanksgiving float parade, Chinese Lunar New Year parade, and Caine’s Arcade which are highlights for students and the community each year. Outside of the classroom Casey has taken an active role in participating in Contra Costa County math meetings and bringing that knowledge back to her colleagues. She also represents the third-grade team across the district in her role on Curriculum Council. She regularly participates in opportunities from Teachers College, math PLCs, differentiation and more. Casey is open to learning from colleagues at her site and across the district and uses these connections to better her teaching. Casey positively represents our school and district with her professionalism, dedication, and focus on keeping her work centered around what is best for students.

Vicki Bertrand, Stanley Middle

Vicki Bertrand

Stanley Middle School’s theme this year is Everyone Belongs, and our Vicki Bertand, exemplifies this in everything she does for our school community.  Vicki is a tireless advocate for her students and their importance to the Stanley community, including as a champion for the Special Olympics, not just to promote her athletes but to bring our community together around this amazing event.  Her colleagues share that Vicki is always “empathetic, conscientious, and faces challenges with calm and class” but nobody can explain why Vicki Bertrand deserves this award better than her own students who describe her as “kind, patient, awesome, and always helps me learn new things."

Alissa Levenberg, Burton Valley

Alissa Levenberg

Alissa Levenberg has worked in our Learning Center for the last 16 years. She embodies “student-centered” and makes every student, family, and staff member feel they are the most important and that with Alissa on their team, they can and will accomplish the unimaginable. Not to mention her gifted ability to organize and color code any task so that all can understand. She has spent countless hours developing and providing professional development for families and staff in the area of executive functioning as well as her implementation, with support and guidance, on Social Thinking curriculum in all of our classrooms. With Alissa’s guidance, we have now been a dedicated PBIS school for 4 years and have all reaped the incredible benefit to this positive community. Through her teaching, support of her colleagues, team-oriented attitude, a zest for student success, and her close relationships with the families she serves, she has turned Dory’s mantra “just keep swimming” into an anthem for us all.